Mary was thought to have it all together.
Thought she was great, besides what she learned.
She  had forgot, there were things besides lovin'.
She had no idea she just, might get burned.

Then the devil walked in and got her all upset.
Didn't know where she'd been, he got all he could get.

Christopher Morning looked out at daybreak.
He couldn't see what he was here for.
Then as he turned, to look in the mirror,
a mighty wind blew open the door.

And Then the devil walked in and heated his shave cream.
Then the devil walked in, it was making his ears ring.

As Then the devil walks in...You might think this story's funny.
You might think this story's a laugh.
But someday as you sit drinkin' your whiskey,
You'll turn around and look to your back as,

Then the devil walks in, popped right out of your bottle.
and as the devil walks in, your mind will boggle.

All Lyrics © Copyrighted in 2009.