Truckin' on through the fancy lights,
Boogie through the reds and passin' on the right.
Makin' time like a dog in heat.
Lookin' for a women on this four lane street.

Nursin' a bottle of the southland.
Makin' like a saint, I'm hot, man.
Drivin' through a SnS, when what do I see.
Foxy lookin' evil, its got to be.

STL Shakedown-Nervous Breakdown

Lady ridin' shotgun, a change of pace.
Bag on the console, my mind's a waste.
Flashin' lights and city streets.
Foxy lookin' evil is what I need.

Pullin' over to get some gas.
Lady ridin' shotguns, makin' a pass.
Got to find a place, where we can be alone.
Gateway to the West, you've got be home.

STL Shakedown-Nervous Breakdown

Wake-up in the mornin', my head's a mess.
Foxy lookin' evil, really gave me her best.
Speak of the devil, I wonder when she split.
Still got my wallet, what a hell of a trip.

727 makin' tracks across the blue.
Foxy lookin' evil, I'll remember you.
This is one place, where you never come down.
Truck City, what a hell of a town.

STL Shakedown-Nervous Breakdown.

All Lyrics © Copyrighted in 2009.

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