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Marilyn Monroe-Norma Jean Mortenson-1926-1962
Actress; Film Star; Hollywood Gadabout.
Marilyn spend most of her early years in foster homes
and you can imagine the toll this took on her psyche.
She spend most of her time looking for an elusive father
figure, even though, she had a deep seated resentment
towards men. At the time of her "suicide," Marilyn was
involved with more than one man, President John F.
Kennedy, Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, and Sam
Giancana, the boss of The Outfit, a Chicago Crime
Much has been written about Marilyn's death and "who
did it," but the truth is, politicians, actors, singers,
gangsters and crooks were all pretty chummy, back in
the 60's. Hell, there was even a whore house, right next
to the U.S. Capitol Building.
Truth is, Marilyn's drug and alcohol problem, caused her
death. She was threatening to blow the whistle on the
whole damn system and we couldn't have that, now
could we! First she wanted John, then Sam, then Bobby.
She was passed around like a "piece of meat." Problem
was, because of her drug and alcohol addictions, she
didn't have a clue as to what was happening or the
consequences of her actions. The men in charge at the
time, decided, Marilyn had to go. And "go" she did...
We don't know who did it, but it's not important. They
were all complicit. They had all been involved with
organized crime in one way or another, because it was
cool to be seen with or connected to the "high rollers,"
of the day. The Kennedys even tried to use organized
crime to kill Fidel Castro, all the while, waging a war
against Jimmy Hoffa and mob ties to organized labor.
The Kennedy Administration was chest deep in crap,
and going under fast. Hoffa never understood, how the
administration could deal favorably with one segment of
organized crime and not another. It made him feel like a
whipping boy. It just pissed him off! Hell, The Kennedys
had pissed everybody off, the military, The Joint Chiefs
of Staff, organized crime, the communists, the
capitalists, congress, you name it. These guys rolled into
town with a vendetta to change the world. But the
world didn't want change. The world wasn't ready
for change. And in the end, it would take the death of a
president, his brother and a minister from Georgia, to do
just that...and in its wake...Norma Jean
Mortenson...Marilyn Monroe.