Photos of the resting places of American Presidents
and a few of their friends...Please Click on Pix to Enlarge!
Photo 1: John F. Kennedy                  
Photo 3: Oswald's Pistol                    
Photo 5: School Book Depository    
Photo 7: Jack Ruby                           
Photo 9: Ruby Shoots Oswald           
Photo 11: Oswald's Grave                  
Lee Harvey Oswald, Warehouseman, Marxist,
Assassin and The Man Who Shot John F. Kennedy.
Born 1939~Died 1963.
A small minded, insecure, little man, who neither worked
hard or took the time to learn anything, to change his
station in life. Why? Because, in his mind's eye, he already
knew more than everyone else. A small man, always
looking for a short cut, because the world owed him. A
man who thought if he shot someone famous, he was
smart enough to get away with it. If he shot someone
famous, he would secure his financial future and his place
in history. Lee Oswald was totally delusional, living in a
world, were he was a Rock Star.
After shooting the president, Oswald was like the child
who did something wrong and ran and hid. When he was
cornered by Police Officer Tibbet, Lee quickly discovered,
he wasn't as smart as he thought he was, sending him
into a manic rage. Lee was so enraged, he shot Officer
Tibbet 4 times. So began 'The Flight.' Fortunately, 'The
Flight,' was cut short by The Dallas Police at The Texas
Theater. Lee tried to shoot it out with police, but was
disarmed. Oswald was caught and he knew it.
Time for Plan B: Try to avoid The Death Penalty and get
out of it, on a technicality or Plan C: Avoid The Death
Penalty and take life in prison.
In Lee's mind, he finally had the attention, he commanded
and deserved for years. If he got the death penalty, he
would go out like a hero and a martyr. Although, I think
he would have kicked, screamed and pleaded, like a child
about to be spanked. If he got out of it on a technicality,
he would have eventually bragged about it and confessed.
If he wound up in prison, he might have been killed by the
other inmates. If he served life, he would be a mental
basket case, an old man, balding with gray hair, frail,
alone and forgotten, dying, but still looking for the
attention, he thought  he deserved.
Fortunately, Lee was exterminated~by a small, insecure,
little man, who neither worked hard or took the time to
learn anything, to change his station in life.
Photo 2: Rifle Used at Dallas
Photo 4: Lee Harvey Oswald
Photo 6: Pres. Limo
Photo 8: Ruby's Pistol
Photo 10: Oswald's Casket
Photo 12: Ruby's Grave
The Graves of John F. and Jackie Kennedy...