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Donald J. Trump, born New York, New York 45th president, 2017 ~ ?
and wife, Melania. Although he won the electoral vote, he lost the
popular vote by 3 million votes. His win maybe attributed to Russian
hackers and an archaic election system-The Electoral College. Mr.
Trumps tenure has just begun, but is already, absolutely a disaster in
the making. It should be mentioned that, he may suffer from
Presenile Dementia and Narcissism. He is 73 years old. Senate
Investigation Hearings began on his second day in office. May his
term be short. The following is The "Short List" of his Infringements
and illegal activities since assuming The Office of The President.  
1. Rollback of Affordable Care Act~kicking up to 30 million off of medical
2. Regulation Freeze~Freezes all executive orders enacted by Barack Obama.  
Many are environmental safety regulations.
3. Abortion~Strips all monies from organizations dealing with abortion.
4. TPP. Kills the Trans Pacific Trade Deal.
5. Federal Hiring Freeze. Halts all hiring at a federal level.
6 & 7. Approval of Dakota Access and Keystone Oil Pipelines. Environmental
Disasters waiting to happen.
8. Speeding up environmental reviews. Killing environment regulations.
9. American steel in pipelines. Part of disastrous oil pipeline deals.
10. Review manufacturing regulations. More environmental regulations
11. Began a system of tariff punishment akin to the Collidge/Hoover
Administrations, which began Global Trade Wars, leading to The Great
12. Began the deforestation of The National Parks System, by opening them up
to industrialization by Corporate America.
13. Started an American Coup by usurping all power unto himself, while
refusing to recognise the power of other branches of the government.
14. Refused to obey standard operating procedures of government agencies
by installing lackeys and confiscating all power within said agencies.
15. Cut deals with Russia to rig elections in 2016. Will likely do it again in 2020.
16. Uses the office of the President to protect himself against prosecution,
review and questioning.
17. Mingles his businesses with those of The U.S. Government in violation of
The Emoluments Clause.
18. Diverts funds from where Congress appropriated funds and spends on
projects of his own choosing.
19. Will not and has not released his taxes for scrutiny by The People of
The United States.
In short, we hope to eradicate this plague from the Government of The United
States in 2020. Where he will no longer be able to hide behind The Office of
The Presidency and will be open to prosecution on a wide range of charges,
pursuant to his time in office. U.S. Lawmakers will have to retune the engine of
government, to make sure this does not happen again...Trump will go down as,
"The Worst President in American History." May his time be short and his
tenure shorter. Good Riddance...we can not wait for you to go...
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