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Social Security-Veteran's Benefits
Minimum Wage-Medicare-ACA
The republicans vote to cut or
kill these programs every year!
Joe Lamastus
Joe Lamastus
Russia may've not altered the vote in America.
But probably, altered WHO could vote, in America.
The same thing republicans do, every election.

We've all heard the story of the rich man asking Christ,
what he needed to do, to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.
And Christ's reply, "sell everything you own and follow
me." What the Bible does not tell us, is what both men
said as they parted company? Rich man, "Well, I sure as
Hell ain't doing that." Christ, "Well, that dog ain't gonna

I'm a native Missourian, from a little town called
Ballwin, 30 minutes west of St. Louis, as the crow flies.
I now reside in Marana, Arizona, north of Tucson. While I
will admit, Missouri is the most beautiful place, I've ever
seen; I am most happy with my adopted home. Ya see,
everything grows in Missouri, grass, crops, trees, bugs,
animals, snakes; Hell, if ya don't keep the vines cut, they
run right up the side of the house, and take over. And
humidity? Can you imagine 100 degree heat at 85%
humidity.  Walk out the front door and it hits ya in the
face like a brick. But the biggest problem with livin' in
Missouri (Miszuree), is cutting that damned grass.
Sometimes, twice a week! It's like having a second job.
And if ya already have a second job, bummer. If you have
more than a quarter acre, bigger bummer. And if you
have a push mower, biggest bummer. And don't give me
that stuff about a riding mower. At these temperatures,
riding around on a tractor, ain't no picnic, either. No,
I'm perfectly happy, right here in Marana. I don't own
a mower, I don't own a snow blower, I don't own a weed
whacker, hell, I don't even own a shovel. Now don't
get me wrong, I miss Missouri, but at my age, I don't
want a mower, a snow blower or a weed whacker and I
sure as hell don't want a second job...
My People finally made it out of the cotton fields, but we
have yet to make it to the right side of the tracks...

So, your young and your healthy and you don't wanna pay
for health insurance. Think of it this way. You pay for car
insurance, even though you've never had a wreck.

Home is where the farts is...

GOPhers are really good at reflecting their flaws on
others, then, making them believe it was their idea in the
first place.