DADS 276
Joe Lamastus
Joe Lamastus
Persons to Watch: Wilbur Ross.
Former Banker and Vice Chairman of
Cyprus Bank. Trump tapped Ross as his
Sec. of  Commerce. There have been
some questions as to deals between
Ross and the Russians, but no
answers have been forth coming from
The Trumpkins. Keep an eye out, though,
it's just another loose brick, in a wall full of loose bricks.
GOPhers are always rabbling on, about tax credits for this
or that. It's one of the ways they convince the poor and
middle class to buy into bills, they wanna get passed. But,
riddle me this, if ya don't have enough money to buy into
the plan anyway, what good is a tax credit?      Another
morsel of republicant Double Speak is Block Grants from
the federal government to the states. Now, these people,
monies to your state for your health insurance. The only
problem is, when the your state receives these monies, the
states can use these monies, any damned way they
please. So, if they come up short somewhere else, you get
the short end of the stick. And vouchers...Don't get me
started on vouchers!       Voucher is just Double Speak for,
"we'll give you a little, but you have to pay the rest."
However much that is! So if you get a voucher, to send
your child to a charter school, for say, $150 bucks and it
costs $400 that school year, guess who pays the other
$350. YOU DO! And can you guess what's happening the
whole time this is going on? The GOPhers are cutting
taxes for The Public School System...Which eventually
goes broke and collapses.       Republicants believe
everything should be done for a profit. Kinda funny
though, every time they get elected, they run huge
deficits, giving tax breaks to the rich and corporations.  
And if your poor or middle class, oh well, that's your
fault. They remind me of The
Ferengi in Star Trek.
Bunch of Foul Mouthed, Money Grubbing, Bastards.
Social Security-Veteran's Benefits
Minimum Wage-Medicare-ACA
The republicans vote to cut or
kill these programs every year!