DADS 275
Joe Lamastus
Joe Lamastus
Now, if Bannon sounds a little radical to you, IMAGINE THAT!
Totally, extreme right wing and damned proud of it. This man
wants to bring down the government of the United States; And
he's proud of it! But, instead of having heroes like Washington
or Lincoln, Bannon's hero is Vladimir Lenin. Kinda eerie, huh?
Vladimir Lenin; Vladimir Putin.
In case ya don't know, Lenin was a Russian Communist, who
helped to overthrow the Russian Government and set up The
Russian Communist Party. Mind you, Imperial Russia needed
to be overthrown, but after Lenin seized power, he installed a
one party system, with himself as head master (king). Isn't that
what they just got rid of? In fact, the government didn't change
much at all. The poor slobs at the bottom, were still starving
to death.
Of course, you know what ya get with a one party system,
right? The party controls the money, the press, the elections,
so on and so forth. Anyone who is not in the upper echelons
of the party, are broke, poor, starving or dead. And freedom
of speech or the press, forget it. Open your month and you'll
find yourself floating in the river, next morning.
Now I don't know how Bannon got so twisted and perverted,
don't care, but for this jackass to be head of The National
Security Council or Chief Advisor to The President of The
United States is blasphemy. Bannon can't even dress himself,
much less be head of anything. If ya made him head of The
Garden Club, all the tomatoes would have to lean right,
couldn't talk to each other, and could only bloom on
November 7th (date of the October Revolution). What
the hell, is this nut bag, doing this close to the presidency?
Oh Yea, that's right. Donald Trump is president. And how did
this rim job, get to be president? Oh Yea, Vladimir did
everything in his power, to make sure Agent Orange won.
Now I know, this is a sad state
of affairs for America to be in right now, but have faith.
The United States Government has enough checks and
balances built into the system to handle the likes of Agent
Orange and Dweeb Bannon. That's is, if we can get the
republicants off their dead asses, long enough, to see, this
election was and is, a conspiracy to undermine our system
of free elections. So, The Putkins and Trumpkins can
celebrate a little longer.
But a storm's acomin'. When the our elected officials
realize, allegiance to Trump and Bannon will cost them their
seats, their jobs and their self esteem, all bets will be off.
When those who sit on the fence, realize that sitting on the
fence, is political suicide; the end of the Trump Era will
come to a screeching halt. Verily, I say unto you, on that
day, the crapeth will hitteth the fan. And on that day,
Mr. Trump, you and your henchmen, will run hither and
to, seeking shelter, seeking sanctuary, seeking mercy, but
there shall be none. Your asses will be forfeit and our
vengeance will be swift. You will look to the portraits of
those who came before, knowing your's will be payment
for your arrogance and audacity. You will curse
and weep, but to no avail. And the end of you, will be the
rebirth of us. And the rebirth of us, will seal your fate
Social Security-Veteran's Benefits
Minimum Wage-Medicare-ACA
The republicans vote to cut or
kill these programs every year!