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Social Security-Veteran's Benefits
Minimum Wage-Medicare-ACA
The republicans vote to cut or
kill these programs every year!
Joe Lamastus
Joe Lamastus
It seems, the Donald,
has a pretty good idea,
of how his administration
is running; like a fine
tuned machine. Now, I
don't mean to be narky
or anything, but
please, does this
look like a fine-tuned
machine, to you? Donald, when are you going to figure
out, this job, is not in your career set? You are not and never
were, cut out to be president of The United States. Being a
replicant of P. T. Barnum, does not entitle you, to hold the
highest office in the land.     Now, I know, in your mind's eye,
your a genius, a mover and a shaker. But your mind's eye,
doesn't see very well. Over the years, you have imagined
yourself to be, this superhero, who flies around
the world with his gold plated toilet, a magical weapon of
immense power and flatulence; cutting deals and screwing
workers for the aggrandizement of corporations and the
wealthy.     But Donald, being president just ain't your bag.
All you're doing, is putting yourself and the nation at risk.
When you squeaked out that win, in the election, much to
your surprise (thanks, Putskins), you were shocked! You
had no idea you would win. Neither did we! All you wanted,
was to up your game, for your businesses. But, here we
are, days later, with you running the government in the
ground, no clue how to fix it, and you, choosing all the
wrong people to help.     Now, I don't mean to be
disrespectful, Donald, but to see you on TV, arms flailing
around, stammering, unable to answer the simplest
questions, is disheartening. Changing topics to answer a
question, is NOT answering the question. Did you think,
we of modest means, would not notice? That we are so
stupid we cannot see what you and your people are up
to?     Every time we see one of your henchmen, on the
news, they are either yelling, cutting people off, avoiding
the question, or refusing to answer. I must admit, plenty of
GOPhers do this, because, if the American People knew
their REAL position on the issues, they might get 5% of
the vote at any given time. But, being the in back pocket
of corporations and big business is never a good position,
on any given day.     Donald, I really feel, history has deal
you a grievous blow. We all know, you weren't prepared
for, or meant to win, but it's time to fess up. It would be
better for the nation, if you would bow out. Go out a Hero.
Let those that know how to run the government, run the
government. That way, you can get back to doing what
you do best...Selling your product.     Impeachment is a
messy business, Donald, but, that is where all this is
headed. Go out like a winner. Go out like a man. After all,
I think you've gotten more publicity, than anyone in
history. Which in itself, is Pretty Cool, huh!