DADS 271
Joe Lamastus
It seems, the harder someone tries to hold on to security,
the harder it is, to hold on to security. For instance, say,
a dictator or a head of government, has some info they
want to keep from the public. Mostly, they will just have a
dickens of a time keeping that info from the public. The
harder they try to lock it down, the harder that information
is to control. I guess it has something to do with human
nature. If someone is trying that hard, to keep a secret,
someone else will figure, it must be really juicy or it's
probably worth a million bucks. Thus, the insecurity
of security.
Now, to have that type of security, one must involve a
number of people. That, in and of itself, makes security,
insecure. I mean, the more people you have in on the
secret, the more insecure that secret becomes. It's kind a
like high school. One person hears a secret, tells another,
who tells another, and pretty soon, everyone's in on
the joke.
It's the same with governments, dictators, presidents and
sech (Texas spelling and pronunciation). Instead of being
honest, trustworthy and forthcoming, they try to keep
everything a secret. Eventually, they get so wrapped up in
security, they are consumed by the security of security.
If everything is a secret, who's to say what, where, and
when, anything can be said.
If the majority of your info is a lie, then you need a type of
security, that keeps anyone from finding out, it's a lie. And
with that comes, security people, private media, locks, lock
pickers-to make sure the locks can't be picked, safes, safe
crackers, computer nerds, hackers, secure buildings, and
people to guard those secure buildings. I think you
catch my drift.
If you are running a government, where security needs
to be that tight, you and your crew are doing a whole
bunch of things that are either illegal, immortal or just plain
nasty. And guess what? If you ARE running that type of
government, everybody and their uncle, will do whatever it
takes, to find who, where or what you're keeping under
wraps. If your administration is running the type of
government, where lies, innuendo, and misinformation are
the norm, your outfit is corrupt and walking on shaky
ground. You are a catastrophe waiting to happen. A boon
doggle. The south end of a north bound mule. It's only a
matter of time before you fall from grace, and take the
plunge to obscurity. That place, where we, Joe Public, will
throw up a little, every time your name is mentioned, and
then, go on about our business.
Straight up right here, right now, last chance. You can
either be the good guy or the chump. The guy who takes
up 5 pages in a history book, or a sentence. Get your act
together. The majority will show you the right way to go.
Don't be an ass wipe the rest of your life. After all, you're
not getting any younger. Time is short. Use it wisely. The
press can be one hell of an ally, or your worst nightmare.
History turns on the choice you make today,
Mr. Trump... It's your dime...
Social Security-Veteran's Benefits
Minimum Wage-Medicare-ACA
The republicans vote to cut or
kill these programs every year!