Something I don't think the republicants have figured out
yet, is how dangerous it will be to back Trump, in the
upcoming elections of 2018 and 2020. They're all ecstatic
over getting the presidency, the senate and the house. But
mark my word, the piper will be payed. And the
payment will last for generations.
The mistakes and blunders caused by a Trump presidency
will come back to haunt republican'ts over and over, again.
YUGE mistake! The man is enormously unqualified to be
president. He has no government experience, maybe on the
verge of Pre-Senile Dementia, and I have a sneaky
suspicion, any grades he was awarded above high school,
were very poor. Of course, we will never know, because,
like his taxes, he won't release them to the public. I'll bet
they're a train wreck. So, what are we left with? A rich,
uneducated, inexperienced, mental patient, in charge of the
most successful republic in the history of the world.
It is to cry...
Trump lies at the drop of a hat. Of course he thinks it's just
PR, no recourse required. Makes snap decisions, with no
basis in fact. Then lies, reverses his decision, lies again, and
tries to make himself look like a genius. Then runs around
the country, looking for adulation and tells everyone how
smart he is. Sooner than later, all this will come home to
roost. And when it does, heaven help the republican'ts with
their fingers in the pie. The backlash from the American
People, will be so loud and so thunderous, that congress will
have no recourse, but to impeach.
The Democrats, by contrast, if they get their ducks in a row,
may enjoy a couple of really good election cycles. Number
one on the agenda, will be curing the gerrymandering virus,
propagated and spread by the GOPhers.
Secondly, reconnecting with "The Working Joe." The
Democratic Party has long been the party of the working
class. The working class needs to be reminded of this
constantly, with new ideas and programs that expand the
middle class. Getting bogged down in a tit for tat, name
calling, Brouhaha, with republicants is futile and self
defeating. Thirdly, make sure any candidates, you endorse,
are squeaky clean. Bernie Sanders pretty much wrote the
party a play by play game plan for the 2016 presidential
election. Seems like no one listened. Too busy trying to
elect the first woman president. There were a multitude of
mistakes there.
The census of 2020 is very serious stuff. The DNC needs to
start planning NOW, for this Monumental Event. They kinda
got their butt handed to them, in the last one. This is a
serious game we're playing, folks. If the rich, elitist,
aristocracy of this country, continue to choke the middle
class, we will wind up a banana republic. Everyone will be
broke, won't be able to afford the goods made here or
abroad. Housing will be unaffordable, the infrastructure will
collapse. Cars, forget it. Everyone will Uber. It will be like
The Great Depression, 24/7, 365. If this is what you want,
keep voting for republican'ts. These guys aren't playing
games, chitlenz. They are totally indebted to the billionaires
and corporations. All they care about is getting re-elected
and feathering their nest. You and I don't matter. Not a bit.
In fact, these guys have actually convinced themselves, this
is what's good for America. You and I know differently,
though. Without a strong middle class, we are doomed.
Doomed to repeat the very same mistakes, practically every
other republic on this planet, has made in the history of
mankind. The rich take control and feed on the misery and
misfortune of the many, bankrupting the government, the
people, their children and their children's children. It's time
for a Good, Ole-Fashion, Knock-Down, Drag-Out Brawl. I'm
ready, are you?...
DADS 267
Joe Lamastus
Social Security-Veteran's Benefits
Minimum Wage-Medicare-ACA
The republicans vote to cut or
kill these programs every year!