DADS 266
Frustrated by windows 10, yet. Well, here's another
raisin in your bagel. Internet Explorer has a function,
whereas, you can save a complete webpage. File; save
as; webpage complete, htm, html. The neat thing about
this function is, you can save a webpage with a lot of
pictures, and IE will download the pictures in a folder
and the page separately. This is extremely important, if
you save a lot webpages with pictures. It frees you from
saving each picture individually. Which can become an
arduous task, separately. But microsoft, in their wisdom,
has omitted this function in Edge. I have to tell ya, for the
most part, I am thoroughly pleased with Windows 10 and
Edge. But this, and the constant restart thing are both
total bummers. I now have the constant restart thing
under control, BUT HEY MICROSOFT, fix the webpage
complete thingy. Spank ya. Spank ya, very much.
Unfortunately, facts are a thing of the past. There's only
what you believe and what I believe. Fortunately,
Facebook and hundreds of third party fact checkers are
gonna put an end to this crap. Whenever an article is
published on Facebook, it will be fact checked. If it gets
a RED FLAG, its bullshit. Done! Fini! The right wing is
gonna hate this...
Joe Lamastus
Joe Lamastus
North Carolina GOPhers have decided, since they
lost the governors race, they will gut the government
for the next administration. Changes are as follows:
1. The number of people Cooper (the incoming
governor) may fire or hire is reduced from 1,500 to
300. This means, Cooper could be stuck with 1,200
employees loyal to the last governor, McCrory.
2. Strip Cooper, of the power to appoint trustees to

the University of North Carolina and keep it in the
hands of the republican'ts.
3. Require Senate confirmation for State Cabinet
4. Shift control of a state office from the governor

to the lieutenant governor, a republican't.
There are other minor changes, but I think you get

the drift. These changes would make Cooper a
governor without a state to govern. Sounds about
par for the GOPhers though, vengeful, vicious and
Don't care about the people, the state,
or the country, just power and money.
Social Security-Veteran's Benefits
Minimum Wage-Medicare-ACA
The republicans vote to cut or
kill these programs every year!