DADS 265
Joe Lamastus
Joe Lamastus
Anytime a public entity is set up as a for-profit private entity,
it's a recipe for corruption, greed, mismanagement and failure.
Prisons, schools and government are never a good idea in a
for-profit format. Yet, time and time again we see the
republican'ts trying to privatize absolutely everything.
Do you believe, we should have prison labor producing
goods, for pennies on the dollars, that compete with goods
made by American Businesses? Businesses can't compete
with prison labor. Does anyone believe we should have
prison labor doing farm work that competes with
American Farmers? Not me!
How about hospitals, where the only goal is how much
money is put in the pockets of the board of directors?
This is capitalism run amuck.
We can already see the results of for-profit drug companies,
who charge $1000 for a single pill. This, pretty much limits
medicine to the rich. Did you know, the U.S. Government
can not buy cheaper drugs from Canada? It is illegal. Law
signed by George W. Bush. "Bless his heart." If the U.S.
Government could buy drugs by price, on the open market,
it would save everyone a whole bunch of money. I thought,
that was what republican'ts were all about in the first place.
Seems not. Facts are, the drug companies have a monopoly
on drugs, and GOPhers are getting a ton of money to keep it
that way.
How about for-profit schools? Why? So the rich can cut their
personal property taxes on those 20 million dollar homes.
The republican'ts keep harping about "vouchers." But you
and I both know, that somewhere down the line, these taxes
will come out of our ass, not theirs. And when we drastically
cut personal property taxes, where does the money come
from for police, fire and roads? When we send our "boys" to
war, cripple and maim them, then constantly cut the budget
and gut the hospitals we built to serve them, what kind of
America is that? When all anyone cares about is profit, then
who will care about some mythical place called,"The United
States of America?" Where does it stop?
What about the President Trump and his cabinet? They hate
labor, unions, the minimum wage, and think peons, like you
and me, should work for peanuts and live in a shack.
Meanwhile, they've got they're lily-white asses hiked upon
gold plated thrones, just to take a crap. I'm sorry, but that's
not The America, I signed up for. That sounds like the same
shit our fore-fathers fought and died to end. Washington has
to be turning over in his grave. The republican theology has
turned this country into a banana republic. And now they
wanna do for the federal government, what they did for the
states. Countries are suppose to do things that corporations
can't or will not do. Things that are not profitable. Things
that are done because they require patriotism, a love of
country, not because they make money. If being rich and
patriotic are now one and the same, then this experiment in
democracy, is dead. Greed won out again...And we are no
different than the aristocracy, we fought to free ourselves
from, in 1776.
Social Security-Veteran's Benefits
Minimum Wage-Medicare-ACA
The republicans vote to cut or
kill these programs every year!