DADS 264
If you are 40-65 years of age in The United States of
America, lost your job, your house, your savings, guess
what? Employers can refuse to hire you because of bad
credit. Why? Many are using it to skirt The Age
Discrimination Act!  28.7% of adults, 40-65 years of age,
will be unemployed by 2020 and 50% will be refused a job
due a bad credit report. Instead of hiring someone with the
skills and tools to do the job, employers would rather hire
and train someone for little or no money (internship), than
pay you, your worth. A young person is less likely to have a
credit report or not much of one, and a person with the
skills and tools to do the job judiciously, will cost more
in wages and compensation. So, how do they get around
The Age Discrimination Act? Bad Credit Reports! Mind
you, this is not the only way business refuses to hire the
most talented people in our nation, but it is one of the most
despicable ways, imaginable.
The simply truth is, if your job is going south or being
automated, and you are 40-65, companies do not want
to hire you. And the federal laws on the books, absolutely
stink! The laws are so outdated and anti-labor, it is to
wonder. The facts are: 60% of Americans do not have an
associate degree or above. And a great majority of these are
40 to 65 years of age.
Are you a coal miner? That job is headed no where, fast.
Assembly line worker? That job is being automated at a
relentless pace. Cabby? In 20 years that's gone too. These
jobs are all on the chopping block. Even truck drivers maybe
passe, in a 10 or 20 years. What does this mean for the
future? You'll either have a work specific degree or you'll be
a clerk. Be that restaurant, warehouse or 7 Eleven. I know
it sucks, but the writing has been on the wall, for quite a
few years now. The Federal Government should be helping
this last generation of people, who were told, "You need a
high school diploma," make through the remaining years of
their life. And they should put the thumb screws to
Corporate America, to make sure it gets done!
But alas, America keeps electing republicans. And they're
in the pocket of Corporate America. So, now you see the
dilemma. With an uniformed electorate, voter suppression
laws, wide spread gerrymandering and citizens united
greasing the palms of every crooked politician in
Washington, it's no wonder nothing gets done.
Anyway, I just thought I'd blow off a little steam and touch
base with anyone who wants to listen. Have a 'Good One'
and I'll see ya in the funny papers...It's a Damned Shame...
Joe Lamastus
Social Security-Veteran's Benefits
Minimum Wage-Medicare-ACA
The republicans vote to cut or
kill these programs every year!