DADS 263
So ya don't believe in climate change? Check this out! Both
the magnetic and geomagnetic poles are moving to Russia.
What does this mean? One of two things. A gradual shift of
the continents, Russia moving north, The United States
moving south, closer to the equator, easy-peasy, no problem.
But when was the last time you ever saw Mother Earth do
anything easy! How about a total flip-flop? North becomes
south and south becomes north. The earth gets spun around
like a rolling marble. Armageddon. Biblical Floods, Earth
Quakes, Volcanoes, Storms, Heat and Snow. You can image
the death and destruction. As The North Pole keeps melting,
the poles keep moving.
So what would cause the poles to flip. Well, as the north pole
melts, the south pole is growing. Now what happens if the
sun's gravity starts pulling at the antarctic? The poles start
to move.
Now, there is evidence this has happened before, it was not
a cake walk. North Africa may have had an abrupt change in
temperature, causing this lush, green region to dry out in
just a decade. Tilting the earth on it's axis by as little as 5
degrees may have caused a temperature jump of 18 degrees
Fahrenheit. Many of the people that inhabited the region ran
to the Nile Valley. Those who where close
enough, anyway.
Don't think it can happen in your lifetime? Yea, I imagine a
lot of people believe that or don't want to think about it, but
it could happen to any of us born on this planet, at any time
in history. It makes much more sense to take care of our
planet, to nurture and protect it, than to pollute and destroy
it. Who knows, fracking could cause the Yellowstone Super
Volcano to go nova. And if that happens, all of us will die a
horrible death. It's just worth the time and trouble, to do the
things we need to do, to take care of each other, our legacy
and our posterity. Later, chitlenz...
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Joe Lamastus
Social Security-Veteran's Benefits
Minimum Wage-Medicare-ACA
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