DADS 262
The Electoral College (U.S.)-enacted 1787. This system
allowed southern states a greater say in Presidential
elections with the more populace states in New England. The
south had a mostly rural make up, with large tracts of land
devoted to plantations. Secondly, it took the vote out of the
hands of an uneducated electorate that could not read
and/or did not have access to the information required to
make an informed decision on elections. The Electoral
College was suppose to be phased out after 10 years. But as
usually happens, somebody lost the paperwork. With the
southern states now populated and plantations largely
obsolete, the first justification has been eliminated. And
with the U.S. Literacy rate at 86%, I believe the second
reason for its inception is null and void...The Electoral
College should be
replaced by a system of Popular Vote.
The Presidential Elections should be returned to the people.
What happened in the Presidential Election of 2016...
1. The enthusiasm for the first black president, was not
there for "The First Woman President." Hillary Clinton's
numbers were slipping and sliding all over the place.
2. Democratic turnout was mediocre at best. 43m
Americans did not vote.
3. James Comey(r) had his fingerprints all over the election.
A definite subversion of protocol. He should resign or be
4. After the defeat of Bernie Sanders in the primary, many
of his supporters, either lost interest, did not vote or voted
third party. Mrs. Clinton would have seen a 5% increase in
practically every state, if third party votes had swung her
5. The Electoral College failed, AGAIN, to produce the same
results as the popular vote. The college should be

Mrs. Clinton won the popular vote by 2.8m
votes, as of the publishing of this article.
6. Fact checking reported that 92% of everything that came
out of Donald Trump's Mouth was a lie. He simply told the
electorate, any and everything they wanted to hear, to get
elected. Mrs. Clinton was truthful 72% of the time.
7. It is pert near impossible for one party to win a             
presidential stretch of 12 years.
Well Damn, many of us are glad it's over. But not to fret! In
four years we can do it all again. In those four years, I can
almost guarantee, The Trumpsta will make a complete ass
of himself and bring the country to near total revolt,
assuring the election of another Democrat in 2020.
Later, chitlenz.
Social Security-Veteran's Benefits
Minimum Wage-Medicare-ACA
The republicans vote to cut or
kill these programs every year!