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DADS 260
Apple sure took a bite out of it this time! Apple eliminated
all standard USB Ports and replaced them with USB-3 or
Thunderbolt Ports. Now, we all know how companies work,
right? They tell us it's a upgrade, what a great service they
are providing for humanity. And then, they turn around and
screw us with higher costs for a product we could barely
afford, the first time around. I've been watching this story
for quite sometime, knowing exactly what Apple was up to,
but hadn't written about it, until now.
What took me so long? I had switched from Mac to
Microsoft right after college because 1. It gave me higher
resolution, 2. Greater control over software, 3. It was more
widely accepted, and 4. It was cheaper. But I gotta tell ya,
when Apple pulled this boner, I couldn't believe it. To change
all the ports and force everyone to buy new shit to run their
systems, that just takes gall! I wonder what freakin' genius
thought up this steaming pile of it! That guy ought to be
fired, along with all the other bone heads that thought this
was a good idea. Oh wait, if ya did that, you'd probably have
ta close the doors. There was probably one guy, maybe a
little geeky, but with a ton of common sense, who said,
"guys, guys, this ain't a good idea." Needless to say, this guy
is either in the doghouse or got fired. And Tim Cook, where
was this Steve Jobs Replicant, when all this bullshit was
goin' down? Anyway, Apple has been forced to massively
reduce the price of all cables and connectors, due to
customer revolt. So get 'em while their hot!
If Apple was going to do this, they should have made
sure it was being done, across the board, by all computer
manufacturers. Instead of looking like pioneers and
innovators, they just look like a bunch of rich, greedy turds,
with no common sense and little empathy for a middle class
I don't know if you use the Google News Page for sharing
news with your different sites, but this page is a freakin'
mess. I'm running Windows 10 and I've tried hundreds of
different configurations, but the Google News Page
continues to herk and jerk, spit and shit, lock up and croak.
You can run it with ad blocker, without ad blocker, without
security, with high security, I don't care how you run this
mess, it always a day late and a dollar short. It's a pain in
the ass to get through, day in and day out. I spend 2-3 hours
everyday, closing tabs, opening tabs, closing windows,
opening windows, and restarting my browser. Love the
concept, though, if the minions over at Google, can ever get
it to work...Good Luck!