#BackfireAlley #258 #joelamastus #dads #10-30-2016
DADS 258
Some retail websites now require, you input all of your
info, before they will show shipping, taxes and handling
charges. I don't know what hare brained idiot thought
this was a good idea, but it is not! I, for one, will not deal
with a company that resorts to these type of tactics to
make a sale. If I had to do this at every website I visited,
it would take hours to purchase a product. Not only that,
but shipping and handling charges can be enormous. I
will not buy anything online, without this information.
But, I will not fill in all my info, to find out the charges,
either. If I am looking for a product and I come across
your site and your company is using these tactics, be
forewarned, I will not buy anything from your site. Hell,
I'll leave as soon as I discover this crap and I may
publish a list of companies that practice this type of
greedy, belligerent bullshit. I would rather look it up
and drive to pick it up than deal with a company that
practices this crap. You'll do a lot more business being
customer friendly, than being a dick. I'm just sayin'!
...is not how to you sell your product. What you must
understand, is that if you only sell print, you do not
own a business. You own a tax write off. If you have
decided, that after a potential customer reads your
online information a couple of times, you can black out
articles, in an effort to force the reader to subscribe to
your publications, you're sadly mistaken. They'll just
go elsewhere. Restricting content will not get you
where you need to go. Neither will restricting "Share
This Buttons." Having a "share button" for facebook
and twitter only, limits your exposure. You need your
brand on absolutely everything you can
get your hands on.
Not putting images on a news article, practically kills
the article, right out of the gate. Our society is image
and graphic driven. It's what catches the eye in a single
glance. The idea that you can live off the written (printed)
word, is a dead and archaic notion. The Internet changed
all that. Not only do you need well written and informative
articles, but flashy graphics and images, are the icing on
the cake! You need to expand the graphics, advertising,
computer and internet divisions of your companies. I
realize this will cost money, but if you don't reinvest, as
I said before, all you own is a write off. And in some
business models, I guess that's enough.
If you are a newspaper or any member of the print
industry, this...