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DADS 256
We told you a long time ago, this would happen (05/22/16).
The lack of free network baseball will eventually cause a
shortage of baseball fans and revenue. Not everyone can
afford pay for play TV. A couple of games a week, local
teams, on ABC, NBC, CBS or local channels should suffice.
Don't forget your base! St. Louis Cardinal television viewing
has dropped by 18%! See original post

Can't remember if you shut off the stove. Always move your
pan or skillet to a cold burner when you're done cooking.
That way, you won't start a fire. Also, as you walk by later,
it's easier to see if the burner is lit.

To get the maximum wear out of your car's tires, always
have the front tires aligned went you replace them. This can
mean the difference between getting 30,000 or 50,000
miles on those tires. If your service mechanic does not align
tires, you need to find a new grease monkey.

Beware buying plant seeds online. A lot of illegitimate
businesses are selling pepper in small zip bags and making
a fortune doing it. Alway use a reputable company such as
Heirloom or Burpee when buying seeds.

What if...fracking in the Midwest, sets off The Yellowstone
Super Volcano. It would destroy the world.
Is it worth the risk?

If companies don't pay their workers enough to buy their
product, they're only shooting themselves in the foot.

As we age, our esophagus decides it's time for a vacation.
The muscles relax and we are given to fits of coughing
and/or acid reflux. If you have any questions, contact your

In my opinion, the absolute slowest news pages on the
internet, The Daily Kos. Love the articles, hate the speed.
Half the time I click the site off before the first page loads.

Gotta ring in your toilet bowl that ya just can't get rid of. Try
Pumie Scour Stick. Product costs a whole $1.88.
Note: Ya might want to wear rubber gloves and flush before
using. Works Great though!

The republican economic model has never worked and never
will. The only thing that will trickle down is
the debt it creates.

Wanna known what word your state Googles the most?
Click Here!  As of 10/07/2016.