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When you have a political party in the United States, that
refuses to pass anything that doesn't put money in their
pocket or that of the rich and famous, that is not a political
party. It is capitalism gone totally wrong! It is absolutism.
And when that party engages in the crimes of voter
suppression and rigging district boundary lines, to ensure
their election, they must own up to what they really are...a
crime syndicate. They are no different than Chicago, under
Al Capone. They are crooked and twisted.
And don't feed me that ole story, that "everybody does it."
Not True! If you think, everyone in the world is a gangster or
"on the take," you're one sad individual. Do you wake up
every morning thinking someone crapped in your corn
flakes? Did someone take your lunch money and you were
too chicken shit to do anything about it? Walking around
with a chip on your shoulder, just reinforces the opinion, of
what everyone already knows, "your an asshole." A GOPher.
A republican.
Now that the republicans have control of most state and
local governments, they have drastically cut spending to
insure tax cuts for the rich and well healed. This leaves most
police forces with very little money for training and
education. So what we basically have, is police officers with
an 8th grade education. I say 8th grade because,
republicans have also cut spending for public schools. So
how does this play out in
real life?
Simple. We have a bunch of 8th graders with an attitude
problem, running around with a badge and a gun killing folks.
All with a mind set of, "I'm in an episode of Cops!"
What a joke!
The enablers in this case are republicans legislators! A
whole 'nother type of Moron. And don't call the republican
party, "The Party of Lincoln." If Lincoln were alive today,
he'd be a Democrat. He'd be aligned with African-Americans,
Latinos and minorities, not with the rich and well oiled. Y'all
just call him that, because your only other claims to fame
are Ronald Raygun or...or...Donald Chump...don't make any
difference...ain't neither one of 'em worth a crap.
Good Day...
DADS 254
Social Security-Veteran's Benefits
Minimum Wage-Medicare-ACA
The republicans vote to cut or
kill these programs every year!
Joe Lamastus