DADS 253
Joe Lamastus
Joe Lamastus
In 1992, Sweden initiated school funding reforms, that
would have republicans and conservatives in this country,
drooling. Here is a brief rundown of what took place, soon
afterwards. Private companies and corporations began
setting up hundreds of for-profit schools. These
corporations hired private firms to run the schools. Of
course, the rich went to "their" schools, everyone else to
theirs. So began the social and ethnic separation and
stratification of the masses. The schools for the rich
prospered, while all other schools floundered, due to a lack
of funds. The best teachers and professors wound up at the
richest schools. Test scores for "average" schools began to
fall in 1995. The corporations began closing unprofitable
schools, soon after. In 2013, the largest corporate school
enterprise declared bankruptcy.
This debacle, interrupted the education of 11,000 kids,
cost 1,000 people their jobs and cost the government
(The People), 150 million dollars.
It's the same thing, republicans have already done to
prison system, in this country. When the profits are all
sucked up by the corporations, guess who gets the bill?
The cracks are just, now, starting to appear. Give it a
little time.
Just so ya know, Trump and party are backing private and
charter schools. What this means is, they want to cut taxes
for public schools and fund private and charter schools.
That way they can cut property taxes on the well healed. So,
what happens to public schools? They begin a sharp decline
and eventually close. Who winds up paying the bill? The
middle class and the poor. This is what happens in rural and
inner city socio-economic groups when "the money"
The thing the republicans fail to realize, time after time,
is that anything built to turn a profit, is built to turn a
profit, nothing more, nothing less. When a school or
prison is built to turn a profit, they are not built to
educate or rehabilitate, they are built to turn a profit. And if
they do not turn a profit, they are left to wither and die on
the vine. It would be nice, if all our kids could go to private
schools, but alas, that is not how the world works.
Personally, I like the school system, just the way it is! I
think the rich and well off should contribute to the
education of all. They sure as hell don't pay as much income
taxes as the rest of us. But rest assured, we'll be having
this conversation again next election, as the GOPhers will
never learn their lesson or change their minds. After all,
their donors are looking for a tax break or to turn a profit
on their investment and the republicans are all about
turning a profit. Turning a profit is what GOPhers do.
Whether that be cutting down or digging up Our National
Forests, selling our schools, poisoning our rivers, polluting
our air, causing frackquakes or oil spills. It's what they do!
They have a twisted theory, that one can start from the
premise of making a profit and make something noble
and precious from it. What they fail to understand, is that
the two hardly ever go hand in hand. You are either a
money grubber or a hero. You are rarely both...