#backfirealley #joelamastus #252 #9/18/2016
DADS 252
I know yer all gettin' wore out by the constant drip, drip,
drip, of the Hillary email thing, but be vigilant. That's
exactly the way the GOPhers planned it. They knew a long
time ago, that Hillary was going to be the Democratic
Nominee, and planned to make this a long drawn out
process. They wanted to make us so sick of hearing about
this, that  A). We would vote for the republican candidate
or B). We would not vote at all.
The thing to remember is, despite all trash they have
thrown at HRC, absolutely nothing has stuck. No charges
have been filed, no wrong doing or intent has been
uncovered and her record remains clean.
So, just remain calm and enjoy The Trump-A-Chump Show.
I swear, watching this guy stumble around in the dark, is the
best thing on television. I haven't had this much fun, since
The Three Stooges did their take on Hitler and Mussolini
You Burn Me Up).
Most news companies, are pretty selfish when it comes
to sharing their stories with Pinterest, Tumbler and the
like. They are under the delusion, that if they share just
a little bit, say for instance, Facebook and Twitter, that
should be enough and then maybe, they can sell us a
subscription to their newspaper or magazine. They just
can't seem to come around to the fact, that print is not
going to be the leading source of revenue in the future.
It's the digital age, folks. Look at it this way. The more
share buttons these companies are hooked up to, the
more advertising they'll get. For instance, I have news
sites on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Linked
in, and Tumbler. Every morning @ 3:00A, I go through
and pick out the stories, I think, my readers may enjoy
and share them with all my websites.
I usually pick the stories that have

Anyway, I'd tell which news organizations are at the top
of my list, but you'd have to hire me to get that info.
Not only that, but if I told ya, I'd have to kill ya...
A.) The best picture,
B.) The best headline,
C.) Are the most factual
D.) Have the most share buttons