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We often wonder, how can someone support a candidate
like Donald Trump? How can someone be so passionate
about a lost cause? How can someone be on the odd side
of every issue, time after time after time? Is it a lack of
education? of common sense? or a contrary nature? How
do the same people always wind up on the extreme side
of every decision, and in every circumstance?
Meet Johny Ebb. More than likely, Johny may or may have
not graduated high school. He's been bullied, battered,
made fun of and teased most of his life. Johny just doesn't
seem to fit in anywhere. His family has been on the fringe,
since forever, whether that be financially, mentally and/or
physically. Johny doesn't have a lot of close friends. In
fact, most of Johny's friends are usually family. They all
watch each other's back. Family is the most important
thing in Johny's life. They share the same values, opinions,
and idiosyncrasies. A strong patriarchal or matriarchal
structure usually pervades the household. This structure
can be present in one household or several households or
anything as large as a city or country. The family unit
shuns the belief system held by most of the community at
large and are usually, supporters of "lost causes and
superficial beliefs."
Johny angers easily, although he tends to hide it or
suppress it. And I don't even know if I would call it anger,
as much as rage. Rage at the system, the government, and
maybe life in general. Johny figures, the system, never
really works for him. There has to be a better way. Even if,
that way is totally flawed. Johny and his ilk just close their
eyes and carry on, no matter how many times they're
proven wrong or how much pain or inconvenience it causes
'em. They blindly go forth, their banner held high, their
faith unflinching, and their determination unyielding. And
don't even try to talk sense to Johny or try to change his
mind. All you'll get from Johny is a bucket of woe.
Sometimes, Johny is a rich kid, maybe he has
a college degree. No Matter. The same preconditions will
still apply. Only these "Johnys," usually wind up ruling
countries and starting wars. Johny doesn't care. No one
ever cared about Johny. The world is his banana. And he is
gonna skin it and ravage it. He can be just as demonic as
the world has been to him. There is no forgiveness in his
soul. It's sad, but, the Johnys of the world move in circles
most of us never see. While the majority of us build a
consensus, a path forward, Johny never does. Sometimes,
Johny can be saved, but usually not. It's just not in him.
He's totally hard-wired a different way. I'm not saying
conformity is the answer. We need free thinkers in the
process. But Johny, will more than likely, never quite fit
in. However, we need not feel guilt or sorrow for Johny.
For his kind, it seems it's all in the roll of the dice. We'll
just let Johny be Johny and leave him to muddle through
as best he can.  Only, not at our expense...
and definitely not on our dime.