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A house divided against itself, can not stand.
...Abraham Lincoln
...Matthew 12:25
Walk softly and be mindful of God, for I come quickly,    
as the strike of a viper. My judgement will crush the
unclean cleric, the perjured office bearer and those  
who keep the poor from their wages. You and your     
nation shall be judged by your care of the sick,    
the elderly, the orphan, and the widow.
Be Mindful of The Lord, Your God,
for I Come Quickly...For You!
The Old Testament!!!
George Washington
Abraham Lincoln
Thomas Jefferson
The Founding Fathers had it right! -The Federal Government
must hold sway over states' rights. The Federalist Papers,
written by
Madison, Jay and Hamilton, makes this principle
very clear. To stir up rebellion amongst the states and their
peoples, instead of nurturing cohesion and harmony, is
paramount to heresy and treason.

The republican party is attempting to kill citizens rights,
obstruct justice,  rig elections, assassinate reputations,
destroy social security, medicare and medicaid, and, in
general, become some of the most disgusting characters,
in American History. The republican party, has veered so far
to the right, of the positions of Abraham Lincoln, a federalist,
that they would be unrecognizable to him, today...The
republican party is no longer conservative, but obstructionist
and eristic.

Why has The Grand Obstructionist Party (GOPhers) has gone
so, far, right--it's simple, they're scared. With the end, of the
domination, of the white race in America, most "New
Americans" are being initiated into The Democratic Party. If
The Obstructionist Party wants to survive, it will have to
move it's platform, left, to incorporate these New Americans.
If not, the party will wither and dissolve, like
a piece of rotting meat.

Their Corporate Masters, can only keep the GOP's head above
water, for so long. After all, each one of them, still, only
have one vote, no matter how much money they have.

With the advent of the computer, their agenda, will be obvious
to any and everyone. Examples: Wisconsin, Ohio, New Jersey,
Indiana, "The Arab Spring," and so many more.  They will no
longer be able to hide behind, lies and innuendo. It doesn't
matter, who they run for office. If the democrats, don't do
something stupid, the obstructionist are gonna get their ass
handed to them, on a paper plate.
Alexander Hamilton
James Madison
John Jay
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Thomas Jefferson  was forced to resign by President
George Washington in 1794 for obstructionism and
incompetence. He had the misconception that, states'
rights were more important than a cohesive Federal
Social Security-Veteran's Benefits
Minimum Wage-Medicare-ACA
The republicans vote to cut or
kill these programs every year!
Joe Lamastus