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The hit man slipped into the building, maneuvered his way
to his nest, waited for Oswald to shoot, did his business
disassembled his rifle, packed it in his briefcase and left,
via the back door. Slick as a whistle. While all the
bloodhounds had zeroed in on Oswald, our hit man didn't
even arouse suspicion. Who's gonna question a lawyer with
a brief case leaving the County Records Building? Seems
pretty simple to me. Although, I'm sure fair amount of
planning had gone into it, Oswald was the perfect patsy.
He had already tried to assassinate an Army General, he
was this "towering intellect" that no one would listen to,
he'd show 'em, by God. HE WAS PERFECT! All you had to
do, was tweak, what was already there! But just in case,
put a professional(s) on the job, to make sure the job got
I'm sure anyone associated with the job, was eliminated
within the next day or two, including the hit man (hit men).
Oswald was scratched by Ruby, to shut him up. And
Ruby...he was allowed to live 'cause no one would believe
him, anyway. Simplicity to the core!
So the next time you hear all these crazy ideas about The
Kennedy Assassination, step back, take a deep breath and
think. The more complicated a thing is, the more likely it is
to fail. This was one of the slickest jobs, I've ever seen. One
of the motives was vengeance, by organized crime. The
other, the affection of a sad little girl named
Norma Jean.
Deborah Winger was the voice
of E.T.
Donald Duck's middle name is
Winston Churchill was born in
the women's toilet during a
A quarter has 119 grooves
around the edge.
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Social Security-Veteran's Benefits
Minimum Wage-Medicare-ACA
The republicans vote to cut or
kill these programs every year!
Joe Lamastus
Joe Lamastus