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#backfirealley #Joe Lamastus #04/13/2014
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Well, it's the anniversary of The Kennedy Assassination
and the snake oil peddlers are coming out of the woodwork!
There's a new theory front and center this year. Have you heard
this one? Secret Service Agent George Hickey accidentally shot
John Kennedy in the back of the head with a M-16 rifle from
the car following the president's car. Upon hearing shots fired,
Hickey grabbed his assault rifle, fell backwards, discharging
the weapon into the president's head. Oh, Brother...Firstly, the
bullet that dismantled JFK's head was an exploding or
fragmenting round. Any round given to a secret service agent
would have been a full metal jacket round. Back in the day, a
exploding round would have been rare! A full metal jacketed
round would have made a hole going in and a hole going out.
The kill shot to the head of JFK exploded. The kill shot DID NOT
come from Oswald or Hickey.
If you want to find out WHO killed JFK, looking at angles,
targets and trajectories is probably not the best way to do it.
Although, many people wanted The Kennedys, out of the way,
MOTIVE, is usually the best way to tame the tiger. Look to
Marilyn Monroe. She is the key, to the whole ball of wax. A
parallel line of motive, runs through Bobby Kennedy's dogged
pursue of organized crime. Anyway, that's a whole different
subject. We're looking for the kill shot of the JFK assassination.
Oswald was coached and tutored by someone. May have
been the hit man, may not, but he was coached. This is why he
claimed he was a patsy or setup, he was! But he did not realize
it, until he saw JFK's head explode through the scope of his
rifle. One of Oswald's shot's was the magic bullet. The one that
entered JFK's and Governor Connelly's back. That shot was a
full metal jacket shot. It just keep going and going and...One
round was a miss and the other casing found in the Texas
School Book Depository...was an empty round carried in the
chamber for safety purposes. A practice, which I'm told, is
taught to all marines, either by military doctrine or word of
Where did the kill shot come from? It would have to come from
somewhere, where carrying a rifle is as normal as carrying a
brief case. The hit man was wearing a suit and carrying a brief
case. A place where everyone wore a suit and carried a
briefcase. A place where everyone was above suspicion. A place
full of lawyers, police, judges, government officials...this place!
The Dallas County
Records Building.
Right Next To The
Dallas County
Municipal Courts
Social Security-Veteran's Benefits
Minimum Wage-Medicare-ACA
The republicans vote to cut or
kill these programs every year!
Joe Lamastus
Joe Lamastus