DADS 51 867-5309~A. Lincoln~Last Known Pic of Elvis!
DADS 52 The Cure for Voter Suppression~In God We Trust~Kansas
DADS 53 Issa~The Gorilla
DADS 54 When Angels Weep~The Purpose of a Nation~Since You Been Gone!
DADS 55 The Federalists~The Roots of The Democratic Party
DADS 56 Religion and The  Founding Fathers~The Revolutionary War
DADS 57 The Ryan Plan~An Enigma Wrapped in a Travesty!
DADS 58 Mermaid Man Meets The Knack
DADS 59 Lucifer~Foreigner~Angels
DADS 60 Voter Castration In Missouri~Gerry Rafferty-Baker Street...
DADS 61 The Right To Work~Cars-You Might Think...
DADS 62 Pa Pa John's Pizza~Todd Akin~The Police
DADS 63 Romney/Ryan and YOUR Social Security~Patty Smyth-The Warrior
DADS 64 The GOP and The Unemployed~Harry Chapin~The Big Bang
DADS 65 Don't Believe in God?~Healthy Food~Barracuda-Heart
DADS 13 Are You Registered to Vote?~BETTER CHECK~DO IT NOW!...
DADS 66 Hurricane Issac~Retirement~Can't Touch This!
DADS 67 Thomas Jefferson~Monticello
DADS 68 Thomas Jefferson~The Declaration~G. Washington
DADS 69 Thomas Jefferson~Conclusion~Job Growth~The Dave Clark Five
DADS 70 Fact Checker~King Cyrus~John McCain
DADS 71 Ayn Rand~Jesus The Christ~Buffalo Springfield
DADS 72 The Rich and Taxes~Syria~Herod The Great
DADS 73 Beethoven~Bach~The Beatles
DADS 74 Habeas Corpus~Poll Watchers~John Sununu
DADS 75 Supernatural~Springsteen~Chevrolet
DADS 76 Thomas Paine~Minute Men~Sunshine Patriot~Lamastus
DADS 77 Gold~Jesus~Constitution~Camel~Deficit~George W. Bush
DADS 78 Social Security~Walmart~Germany~Led Zeppelin~Stairway to Heaven
DADS 79 Walmart vs Costco~Epitaph To GOP~Patty Smyth~Goodbye To You
DADS 80 Wealth~Abortion Clinics~Small Business~Mars~Moon
DADS 81 Assault Weapons Ban~Adam Lanza~Sandy Hook
DADS 82 Phones~Republican Puppets~Union Dues~Heart~These Dreams
DADS 83 Burt Reynolds~Harrison Ford~Jethro Tull~Aqualung
DADS 84 Polosi~Boehner~Obama~Reid Smoking Weed~Head East
DADS 85 USPS~The Debt Ceiling~Your Tax Increase In 2013
DADS 86 Republicans and Hurricane Sandy Relief~Fructose~Chuck Hagel
DADS 87 The Truth on Gun Deaths~Eric Burdon~The House of The Rising Sun
DADS 88 2014 Corvette~Genesis~Harry Reid~REO Speedwagon
DADS 89 UAW~Nissan~Canton~Mississippi~F-25~Celebration
DADS 90 Mount Rushmore~Drones~Alice Cooper
DADS 91 One Cup of Coffee~Paul Revere and The Raiders-Kicks
DADS 92 Trickle Down~Voter Purge in Missouri
DADS 93 The Beatles~Abbey Barcode~Skyfall~James Bond
DADS 94 Baseball~Gun Laws~The Great Recession 2
DADS 95 Capitalism~Unions~Property Taxes
DADS 96 The Simpsons~Tinkerbell~Drones~Billy Jack
DADS 97 Paul Broun~Georgia~The Big Bang~Evolution
DADS 98 Sequester~Saint Malachy~The Last Pope
DADS 99 Strangle Michigan~Rick Snyder~Sequestration
Social Security-Veteran's Benefits
Minimum Wage-Medicare-ACA
The republicans vote to cut or
kill these programs every year!
Joe Lamastus
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