DADS 401-It's a Train Wreck Baby
DADS 402-Trump the Messiah
DADS 403-The Can Opener Epidemic
DADS 404-A Republican Metamorphosis
DADS 405-The Insecurity of Security
DADS 406-The Silence of The Damned
DADS 407-The War of The Nexs
DADS 408-Money Talks and Bullshit Walks
DADS 409-Honor and Brass Tacks
DADS 410-The Envy of The World
DADS 411-The Shaytan King
DADS 412-The Power of Share Buttons
DADS 413-Social Insecurity
DADS 414-Of Speculation and Innuendo
DADS 415-The Sermon on The Mount
DADS 416-Reagan Napoleon and Hamburgers
DADS 417-The Bold, The Brave and The Hero
DADS 418-Lincoln Weeps
DADS 419-Mrs. McConnell O'Donald
DADS 420-The Self-Revisited
DADS 421-We Told Ya So!
DADS 422-Two Bit Four Flushers
DADS 423-When The Levee Breaks
DADS 424-Trump Promises To Gut Social Security
DADS 425-Traitor's Row
DADS 426-The Full Measure of A Man
DADS 427-The House of Trump
DADS 428-Political N Tribal Semantics
DADS 429-Hear That Lonesome Whippoorwill
DADS 430-The Curse of The Money Changers
DADS 431-The Killer We Know
DADS 432-It Never Rains In California
DADS 433-Bits and Pieces, Again
DADS 434-One-Big-Bag-of-Lies
DADS 435-Trump's Covid19 Report Card
DADS 436-When Angels Walk Among Us
DADS 437-Lincoln's Prediction
DADS 438-Cartoon Wars
DADS 439-Eyes On The Prize
DADS 440-The Trump Commandments
DADS 441-Wasting Away Again In Freakin' Hooverville
DADS 442-The Fly On The Wall
DADS 443-The Thinning of The Herd
DADS 444-Pockets Filled with Gold
DADS 445-This and That
DADS 446-The State of The Onion
DADS 447-Den of Inequity
DADS 448-Death Factories
DADS 449-Libertarian Nonsense
DADS 450-I-Had-Such-High-Hopes-For-America