DADS 351~Who's Corner You Hangin' Out On
DADS 352~The Golden Bibby Award
DADS 353~Crazier Than A Pet Coon
DADS 354~Whatta Curve Ball Folks
DADS 355~Rose Colored Glasses
DADS 356~Citizen Cain
DADS 357~Marijuana, Republicans and Socialism
DADS 358~The Painting of Dorian Gray
DADS 359~A Hero Not A Zero
DADS 360~The Death of Hope
DADS 361~Dictator in Chief
DADS 362~Sir Robert Mueller-Brexit
DADS 363~What's Good For The Goose
DADS 364~When Truth Becomes A Luxury
DADS 365~The Last Fly Bye
DADS 366~Donald Pumps Out The Product
DADS 367~If It Talks Like A Smuck
DADS 368~Just Another Brick in The Wall
DADS 369~South of The Border
DADS 370~Not A Morsel
DADS 371~Welcome To The Party (revisited)
DADS 372~Sucking at the teat of Trump
DADS 373~Dodge City Kansas
DADS 374~In Ur Face, Ace
DADS 375~Whoppers and Other Tales of Whoa
DADS 376~The Russian Mafia
DADS 377~The Property Tax Dance
DADS 378~The Last Day In America
DADS 379~Be The Hero
DADS 380~Your Shit's In The Wind
DADS 381~Supernatural The End of An Era
DADS 382~Dodgers Pimps and Don Quixote
DADS 383~The Nut Munchers
DADS 384~The Trumpetiness of it all
DADS 385~A Peach of a Dilemma
DADS 386~Is The Economy Really Booming?
DADS 387~The Nut Boyz
DADS 389~Whispers of The Patriarchs
DADS 390~The Price of Doing Business
DADS 391~A Republican Agenda
DADS 392~A Murmur of Logic
DADS 393~From A Rich Man's View
DADS 394~The World Map 2100
DADS 395~Trump's Calamity
DADS 396~The Defender of The Light
DADS 397~The Most Photocopied Thing of All Time
DADS 398~Precedent
DADS 399~Bits and Pieces II
DADS 400~He Who Rules The Dark
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Social Security-Veteran's Benefits
Minimum Wage-Medicare-ACA
The republicans vote to cut or
kill these programs every year!
Joe Lamastus