DADS 301~Mommy and Daddy Issues
DADS 302~You Can DACA Dis or You Can DACA Dat
DADS 303~That Cuppa Joe~Hillary's New Book~What Happened
DADS 304~The Pursuit of War~Edge~Chrome~Pizza
DADS 305~The Stand at One Bent Knee
DADS 306~The Chicken or The Egg
DADS 307~Lightning Strikes
DADS 308~4 Profit Government is 4 Sale Government
DADS 309~Bannon: The Rasputin of Our Time
DADS 310~A Progressive Mindset~The Opioid Addiction
DADS 311~Trickle Down Voodoo Economics
DADS 312~conservative~republican~Christian
DADS 313~ObamaCare~Bic Razors~Nixon
DADS 314~The Trump/republican Tax Bill of 2017
DADS 315~Das Fuhrer's Gestapo
DADS 316~The Millennial Chipmunks~Doug Jones
DADS 317~Mischief and Skulduggery~Net Neutrality
DADS 318~Chips~Jets and The Radical Right
DADS 319~When Heroes Fall
DADS 320~Conspiracy to Commit Mayhem
DADS 321~In Their Time of Dying
DADS 322~For Love of Money
DADS 323~Jackasses of State
DADS 324~Never Trust A Man with Brown Shoes
DADS 325~25 Cent a Gallon Gas Tax
DADS 326~Wayne Lapierre~The Money Changer
DADS 327~Kingdom Rush~Premier Xi~Raising Tariffs
DADS 328~The Curse of Oak Island~The 2nd Amendment
DADS 329~Enemy of The State~Chrome
DADS 330~The 1st Amendment~The Kochs~Shotfoot
DADS 331~First Trump Statue~The Beatles
DADS 332~Nailing Jello to the Wall
DADS 333~Trump's Rookie Year
DADS 334~From Rags to Riches
DADS 335~It's A Felony!
DADS 336~The Loss of Trillions of Dollars
DADS 337~Oilgate~Mulvaneygate~Olliegate~Trumpgate
DADS 338~Google News~Oil Leaks~Golfing with Donald~The Tea Party
DADS 339~Keep His Feet to the Fire Boys
DADS 340~The Stand
DADS 341~When the Guns Fall Silent
DADS 342~Microsoft Keeps Shitting in My Cornflakes
DADS 343~The Pedigree
DADS 344~Planet Birth~Fry's
DADS 345~The Stench of Trump
DADS 346~The Rage Against The State
DADS 347~The Rise of "Q"
DADS 348~The Gangsters of Politics "GOP"
DADS 349~American Emperor
DADS 350~The Vatican Falls
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Social Security-Veteran's Benefits
Minimum Wage-Medicare-ACA
The republicans vote to cut or
kill these programs every year!
Joe Lamastus