DADS 251~Johnny Ebb-The Odd Man Out
DADS 252~I'd Have Ta Kill Ya!~Share This...
DADS 253~Trump Taxes n Private Schools
DADS 254~Minorities and The Police
DADS 255~Legalize Marijuana~205 Arizona
DADS 256~Car tires~Stove~Baseball~Seeds~Coughing-Kos
DADS 257~The Trump Tax Plan~Libertarians~Oil Pipelines
DADS 258~Crappy Websites~Another Dumb Idea
DADS 259~Weinergate II~Prescription Drug Prices In America
DADS 260~Thunderbolt n Apple~The Google News Page
DADS 261~Memes on the election of 2016
DADS 262~The Election of 2016~8 reasons The Democrats Lost
DADS 263~The Polar Flip~The Shifting of The Earth's Poles
DADS 264~It's A Damned Shame~Employment and The Age Discrimination Act
DADS 265~Golden Thrones~Capitalism and The Middle Class in America
DADS 266~On The Edge~Windows 10~North Carolina~Alternative Facts
DADS 267~The Drop of a Hat~The Future of The Democratic and republicant Parties
DADS 268~Trump's BFF List~Trump's motives~The Electoral College
DADS 269~Rocky 2017~Possible Trump Loans~The Democrats Response
DADS 270~The Russia Connection~Freedom of the Press
DADS 271~The Insecurity of Security
DADS 272~The Altar of Lies
DADS 273~A Fine Tuned Machine
DADS 274~Is It Symptomatic, Doc?
DADS 275~The Leninists~Steve Bannon
DADS 276~Cribblings~Wilbur Ross~Republican't Double Speak
DADS 277~Trumps America~How Your Congressman Voted~Gods Glory
DADS 278~The Nunes Debacle~Trump Arrest Photos~Repairing America
DADS 279~Dime in A Goat's Ass~The Devin Nunes Story
DADS 280~Feelin' Froggy~The North Korea Dilemmia~Arizona Marijuana
DADS 281~Marijuana Laws 2017-18~New Presidential Laws~Putin's Boots
DADS 282~When The Shit Hits The Fan
DADS 283~Just Another Crack In The Wall
DADS 284~What A Bunch of Sheet
DADS 285~America: The Devastation of Trump
DADS 286~What If God Is One of Us?
DADS 287~A Salt n Peppa Event
DADS 288~Covfefe~Junk News~Trump n The Russians
DADS 289~Trump Takes The Stand!
DADS 290~Hail To The Chef!
DADS 291~What Evil Requires
DADS 292~This Thumb Sucking Third Grader!
DADS 293~I'm Your Huckleberry
DADS 294~It's a Dry Heat
DADS 295~When Putin is Finished
DADS 296~Plea to The United States Congress
DADS 297~Welcome to Comrade Radio!
DADS 298~The Deep State
DADS 299~Bits n Pieces
DADS 300~The Misfits and The Shitfits
Joe Lamastus