DADS 151~DEA~Brownback~Kansas~Reagan~Obama~Bush~Coolidge
DADS 152~Kill A Cop~Hoosier~Bobby Jindal~Common US Languages
DADS 153~Top Ten Tax Dodgers~The First Motorcycle~Light into Matter
DADS 154~The Republican House~Impeach Obama
DADS 155~Marlboro Marijuana~Led Zeppelin~The Walking Dead
DADS 156~Retrofitting Thor~Russian Rockets~Billy Joel
DADS 157~The Top Ten Worst Super Markets~Inversions~The James Gang
DADS 158~State By State Gas Taxes~Right to Farm Laws~Gasoline
DADS 013~Are You Registered to Vote?~BETTER CHECK~DO IT NOW!...
DADS 159~Cell Phone Unlock~Seven Bridges Road~The Eagles
DADS 160~The Raspberries~Israel~Palestine~ISIS~Off with Their Heads!
DADS 161~Trash Islands~Eric Cantor~Detailing~Machine Gun Kelly
DADS 162~Rick Perry~The Simpsons~The New Batmobile~Led Zeppelin
DADS 163~The Top Five Cheapest Places to Live in America
DADS 164~Dire Straits~Litterbugs~Drug Testing~The 4th Amendment
DADS 165~The Ten Plagues of Moses~Climate Change
DADS 166~The Minimum Wage~Marijuana Arrests~Ebola
DADS 167~Please Vote~Tesla Electric Cars~Alaska Pot~Acendant Stranger
DADS 168~The Easiest Way To Vote In America~Doug MacKinnon-Secessionist
DADS 169~Jody Hice~Marijuana Map 2014~Unusual Deaths 2014
DADS 170~Ghost Images~Internet Advertising~The Chevy Colorado
DADS 171~Executive Orders~Mean Tweets 8~John Boehner
DADS 172~Stree Signs~Exams for Voting~The Funnies~Price of Gas
DADS 173~2014 Budget~Veteran Suicide~Pension Plans~Dodd-Frank
DADS 174~Kim Jong Un~Elizabeth Warren~Torture~Dick Cheney~George W. Bush
DADS 175~Daniel Craig~Idris Elba~James Bond~United States Post Office
DADS 176~A Wordsmith's Epitaph
DADS 177~The Republican Congress~Small Business~George Zimmerman
DADS 178~Pipeline or Rail~Mask and Hoodie~Moon Struck
DADS 179~The Supreme Court~Fox News~American Veterans
DADS 180~MLK's Mother~Farts~Germs~Bill Gates~The Funnies
DADS 181~Top Ten Job Cities~Top Ten Polluters~Fox News~Da Feet
DADS 182~Our Favorite Expressions~AK is Legal~Measles~Chris Brown~Passwords
DADS 183~The Dumbing Down of America~Hard Ice Cream~Hillary~Harrison Ford
DADS 184~Apache OpenOffice~Collective Knowledge~Scott Walker~Right to Work
DADS 185~2nd Amendment~Hickok~Earp~Veterans~Food Stamps~Football
DADS 186~What You can and can't buy with SNAP~UP~New Motorcycle Helmet
DADS 187~The Poor n Taxes~Penis Size~Freedom of Religion~Scott Walker
DADS 188~Mitch McConnell~Scott Walker~Microsoft Windows~Mike Edwards~ELO
DADS 189~Burn It To The Ground~Riots n Protests In America~The Whys n Why Nots
DADS 190~President Invades Texas~School Books~Education
DADS 191~Infrastructure~The End of The Mayan Calendar~The Inquistion
DADS 192~Dig Deep~Question Everything~Shoveling Crap~Our Regrets
DADS 193~The Self-Destruction of America and The World~Psychiatry~The Id
DADS 194~Bernie Sanders~The Cost of Feeding The Poor~Ice Age~Defense Spending
DADS 195~Beyond Belief~Evolution~God n Moses~Life n Death
DADS 196~Prisons Incorporated~Capitalism~The Average Joe~Crime Syndicates
DADS 197~A Letter to President Obama
DADS 198~Privatization of Schools~Prisons~Lafayette High School~Missouri
DADS 199~Donald Trump~Illegal Immigration~The Minimum Wage Here n Abroad
DADS 200~Poor Ole Kansas~Sam Brownback~1980~States without ACA
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Social Security-Veteran's Benefits
Minimum Wage-Medicare-ACA
The republicans vote to cut or
kill these programs every year!
Joe Lamastus