Social Security-Veteran's Benefits
Minimum Wage-Medicare-ACA
The republicans vote to cut or
kill these programs every year!
Joe Lamastus
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DADS 1 Gun Laws~Trickle Where?~Our Bad American Products...
DADS 2 George Washington~Thomas Jefferson~Facism
DADS 3 The Sphinx~Capital Punishment~Survivor...
DADS 4 The New Corvette~Cars~Grow That Hair, Son
DADS 5 Abraham Lincoln~The Cube~ObamaCare!
DADS 6 The US Economy~RomneyCare~Napoleon
DADS 7 The Supreme Court~John Roberts~Katy Perry
DADS 8 Ronald Reagan~Buick~Second Hand Smoke...
DADS 9 Mark Twain~Robert F. Kennedy~JHLamastus
DADS 10 Plato~Churchill~The Bank of America
DADS 11 Christianity~The Beatles~Ben Franklin
DADS 12 Jack Nicholson~Top Gear~The Bucket List
DADS 13 Are You Registered to Vote?~BETTER CHECK~CHECK HERE!...
DADS 14 General Motors~New Distributor Cap Design
DADS 15 Missouri~John Wayne~True Grit
DADS 16 Community Colleges~Drill, Baby, Drill~Dust
DADS 17 Muscle Cars~Oil Production~Freedom of Speech
DADS 18 The Republican Party~The Future Looks Bleak
DADS 19 The First Liberty Bell~The Left Wing~Jesus' Death
DADS 20 Star Trek~Cheech and Chong~John Boehner
DADS 21 A Republican Agenda~Sherrod Brown~Bernie Sanders
DADS 22 Georgia on My Mind~Hoover, Reagan and Bush
DADS 23 FAA~Scott Walker~Stoned Spongebob?
DADS 24 Midnight Mass~Bing Crosby~The Tea Party
DADS 25 Grover Norquist~Richard Nixon~Jack Abramoff
DADS 26 Fixing The Economy~Jeff Foxworthy~Social Security
DADS 27 How To Fix An Election~Hank Williams~Johnny Cash
DADS 28 Barry Goldwater~Elvis Presley~FDR~The Economic Triad...
DADS 29 USPS~The Post Office~Ricky Nelson~P-51 Mustang
DADS 30 The Death of The American Dream~The War of The Nexs...
DADS 31 A Constitutional Amendment~The Battle of Bunker Hill
DADS 32 Mr. Pope~Mr. Koch~Mr. Busch...
DADS 33 The Banking Act of 1933~Glass-Steagall Act
DADS 34 We've Been Hacked~The 2011 STL Cardinals~60 Minutes.
DADS 35 Let's Take Back Michigan~Metroid~Drug Testing...
DADS 36 The Patriot Paradox
DADS 37 The Patriot Paradox II
DADS 38 The Patriot Paradox III
DADS 39 Kim Jong IL~Tiny Tim~Go Lay an Egg.
DADS 40 God Never Asked~Rocky Marciano~A Virginia Bigot!
DADS 41 Davy Jones(1945-2012)~Bob Dylan~Richard Nixon
DADS 42 The Battleship~USS Missouri
DADS 43 Warren Buffett~The Congressional Reform Act of 2011
DADS 44 Ted Nugent~The New Face of The Republican Party~355
DADS 45 2012~The End of The Earth?~Our Black Hole
DADS 46 Walmart Violating The American with Disabilities Act?~Buddy Holly
DADS 47 Newt "Leroy" Gingrich~Rewriting American History
DADS 48 This Ain't Your Daddy's Cadillac!~Shelley Fabares
DADS 49 Class Warfare in America!~Exceptionalism~The Yardbirds
DADS 50 Rush in The Missouri Statehouse~Lincoln on Labor~The Bangles